TOGAF® 9 Template Artifacts and Deliverables

This is an example set of templates for TOGAF 9. It includes example artifacts for all catalogs, matrices, and diagrams, and template deliverables.

Example artifacts are as follows:

  • Catalogs:
    • Application Architecture: Applications Portfolio Catalog, Interface Catalog
    • Business Architecture: Contract-Measure Catalog, Driver-Goal-Objective Catalog, Location Catalog, Organization-Actor Catalog, Process-Event-Control-Product Catalog, Role Catalog, Service-Function Catalog
    • Data Architecture: Data Entity-Data Component Catalog
    • Preliminary: Principles Catalog
    • Requirements: Requirements Catalog
    • Technology Architecture: Technology Portfolio Catalog, Technology Standards Catalog
  • Core Diagrams:
    • Application Architecture: Application & User Location Diagram, Application Communication Diagram, System Use-Case Diagram
    • Architecture Vision: Solution Concept Diagram, Value Chain Diagram
    • Business Architecture: Business Footprint Diagram, Business Services and Information Diagram, Functional Decomposition Diagram, Product Lifecycle Diagram
    • Data Architecture: Class Diagram, Data Dissemination Diagram
    • Opportunities and Solutions: Benefits Diagram, Project Context Diagram
    • Technology Architecture: Environments & Location Diagram, Platform Decomposition Diagram
  • Extension Diagrams:
    • Technology Architecture: Network Computing-Hardware Diagram, Processing Diagram
  • Matrices:
    • Application Architecture: Application Interaction Matrix, Role-System Matrix, System-Function Matrix, System-Organization Matrix
    • Architecture Vision: Stakeholder Map Matrix
    • Business Architecture: Actor Role Matrix, Business Interaction Matrix
    • Data Architecture: Data Entity-Business Function Matrix, System-Data Matrix
    • Technology Architecture: System-Technology Matrix

Example deliverables are as follows:

  • Preliminary Phase: Architecture Principles, Architecture Repository, Business Principles-Goals-Drivers, Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture, Request for Architecture Work, Tailored Architecture Framework
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision, Capability Assessment, Communications Plan, Statement of Architecture Work
  • Phase B, C, D: Architecture Definition Document, Architecture Requirements Specification, Architecture Roadmap
  • Phase E: Implementation and Migration Plan, Transition Architecture
  • Phase F: Architecture Building Blocks, Architecture Contract with Business Users, Architecture Contract with Development Partners, Implementation Governance Model
  • Phase G: Compliance Assessment, Solution Building Blocks
  • Phase H: Architecture Change Request, Requirements Impact Assessment