Project Head for conducting one week residential programme on  “Application Design and User Interface” for National Informatics Centre, Dept. of Electronics & Information technology, Ministry of Communications  & Information Technology (Government of India).

Project Head for designing Interactive help manual for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, India : The interactive help manual in vernacular language for around 8500 primary agricultural credit societies in Gujarat so that they could use the Common Accounting System introduced by National Bank for Agricultural and rural Development (NABARD). It is based on live examples, the multimedia CD was visually appealing, comprehensive and easy to understand.

Integration of IT systems at NID: A strategic initiative to replace multiple current systems to streamline and enhance core administrative and academic processes.

– strategic initiatives for NID to go global
– Designed to position India for growth
– to establish a solid system foundation to support on going initiatives
– Allow employees to focus on using, rather than creating, information

Design and development of Online Student Portfolio of NID students [] Online student portfolio website publishes the portfolios of all NID students which is categorized and classified based on discipline/status/style/keyword, integrated with Industry Interface and placement portal

IPDR implementation in the carrier-grade billing system: CRESTEL is a real time carrier-grade billing, customer care. mediation and provisioning platform that enables next generation data, voice and video services over wire and wireliess networks to manage and profit from application, media and communication services offered directly and through distribution channels. CRESTEL is product of ELitecore Technologies Ltd. AHmedabad, Gujarat, India. Bhaumik’s responsibilities was to define milestones, develop achievable plans and prepare SLA, identify operational steps for the implementation of IPDR in the existing product, understanding VOIP IPDR encoding specification, transfer protocol, identify gaps between existing CDR and IPDR.

Design and development of NID website [

Design and development of Open Elective 2010 [] : Open Elective is an online course registration system which offers first-come-first-serve basis course registration along with discussion forum, news bulletin board, image gallery, faculty profile pages and course material sharing platform.

Design and development of Industry Interface 2010 [] : Industry Interface offers online registration to students to register for diploma project and industry internship and industry can register and upload their profiles/JD for the students to view and view students who have registered in their company along with student profile.

Established Off-line Inward-Outward IT asset management system: Manage / maintain records of all IT assets located at all campuses of NID with physical ID / barcode, manage and maintain list of IT equipment under warranty and AMC, department wise and employee wise IT asset details, category wise IT assets management

Suggestion Management System: Employees can give suggestions to HR team, HR panel can discuss and give opinion on all suggestions, employees can view status of suggestion submitted, employees can hide their identity, archive all suggestions, role based access.

Employees skill set analysis system: self evaluation by employee based on the criteria and parameter define, parameter for the evaluation can be define, analysis of skill set based on variety of combination and form, self evaluation guidelines for employees.

Knowledge Forum: Employees can submit questions to receive views from the community, can submit code for review and suggestion, can upload files, new forum with authorization, open platform to discuss and share views among employees.

Asset management System: category wise asset distribution and registration, sibling details, AMC /warranty expiration alerts, supplier/make wise asset history and usage, bar code /RFID tag integration.

Implementation of UTM: Implemented Unified Threat Management System at all campuses of NID viz. Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Gandhinagar with anti spam, anti virus, IDS/IDP and content management features for more than 1500 users.

Handwriting Analysis Environment: tool to reveal the personality and character of a person, feature points and gray scale level based analysis of each character, based on threshold value analysis method person’s character/personality and traits identification.

Online Workshop Registration System: Functional independence to the department for uploading brochures of workshop, configure offline and online workshop registration mode, feedback and configure view feedback, define schedule of workshop at various locations.

FCBUS-DUCT: Nuclear Power plant: Electrical specification, heat transfer calculation based on the criteria defined, project and customer management, quotation management, billing and invoicing, guide for designing power plant based on customer requirement

Enterprise N/W Design / Management: Design network architecture for 1000+ computer network, Management and configuration of Intranet, Email, Web, Application and Database servers, Management of internet leased line and PTP link between all campuses, ISDN lines at campuses

Online People Profile and Faculty Directory System: Configure display fields of people directory category wise, personalize the view profile of the people, add / modify category, add / modify people in category, department wise and discipline wise view of faculty profile.

NID mail on Google Apps: Initiated, organized, established, configured, managed 2300 users mail services on Google Apps Corporate Edition.

IT Infrastructure operations experience: 

• Plan / manage point to point/internet leased line connectivity of all campuses:

– Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru are connected with PTP links

– Ahmedabad campus ILL: 100 Mbps(ISP1) + 100 Mbps (ISP2) + 30 Mbps (ISP3)

– Gandhinagar campus ILL: 100 Mbps(ISP1) + 20 Mbps (ISP2)

– Bengaluru campus ILL: 100 Mbps (ISP1) + 12 Mbps (ISP2)

• More than 1200 connects on LAN at Ahmedabad, 700 at Gandhinagar and 300 at Bengaluru

– Ahmedabad core is configured on HP A10150 and back up on Nortel (Passport 8600), Gandhinagar core is configured on Extreme(Black Diamond), Bengaluru is configured on Nortel, All network components monitored via HP Intelligent Management Centre

– All edge switches(Nortel, Extreme) are manageable via NMS at all locations

– Data center is equipped with SAN, NAS box, KVM Switch, high precision AC (Liebert), high quality racks with temperature / heat control sensors with mobile interface

• Design /manage / configure and setting up policies on UTM/ Firewall

– All the locations are deployed with SonicWall UTM device to enable the common policy setup for different groups and VLANs

– All internet leased line, PTP links and other systems policies are configured / routed through UTM at all locations

• Management/Administration of NID mail on Google Apps

– At present approx. 2400 users are active on NID mail server which is configured on Google Apps, Upload/manage/setup policies for new / existing users

• Manage / administer / configure enterprise antivirus solution at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Gandhinagar locations with NAC device to manage ad-hoc Wi-Fi users

• Manage file server, intranet portal, DB server, Web server, Payroll, Visitor Management, Time/Attendance /Leave Management, Credit& Evaluation System, VM Ware Server Virtualization, Accounting System, Purchase, and Call Management etc.

– Different application are running on servers IBM 3650 M2& M3(6), Sun 4150(2),IBM X225(3), HP DL 380G4(3), SAN Box IBM DS 4300 (6), Back up (Symantec, Tandberg & HP)

• Manage / configure VC facility

– Multi-party and single party Polycom VC equipment’s are installed/configured at four locations across India

• Trace / track /manage AMC with timely service delivery and audit with OEM and contractor

– Comprehensive AMC with HP, IBM, Sun, Nortel, Extreme directly with SLA for all equipment respectively

– AMC calendar system is developed to keep track of AMC renewal in time which generates reminder well before AMC expiry date

• Draft service level agreement for effective service delivery for AMC /other services

– QoS is defined under SLA for all AMC for different equipment’s at different location with proper escalation matrix to plan minimum downtime in case of any problems

– Set up VTLS library management system with IBM 3650 M3 server(3) and DS4300(3) SAN box at three locations and connected the distributed systems through VPN