Project Management

The learning material contains the fundamental about following topics…

1. Define the terms project and project management, and differentiate between project and process management.
2. Describe the causes of failed information systems and technology projects.
3. Describe the basic competencies required of project managers.
4. Describe the basic functions of project management.
5. Differentiate between PERT and Gantt charts as project management tools.
6. Describe the role of project management software as it relates to project management tools.
7. Describe eight activities in project management.
8. Define joint project planning and its role in project management.
9. Define scope and a write a statement of work to document scope.
10. Use a work breakdown structure to decompose a project into tasks.
11. Estimate tasks’ durations, and specify intertask dependencies on a PERT chart.
12. Assign resources to a project and produce a project schedule with a Gantt chart.
13. Assign people to tasks and direct the team effort.
14. Use critical path analysis to adjust schedule and resource allocations in response to schedule and budget deviations.
15. Manage user expectations of a project and adjust project scope.

Download PDF: Project Management (size 4184 KB)

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