How can organisations using ITIL adapt for Cloud Services?

The first point to make here, is that ITIL is, and will continue to be, an IT Service Management toolkit.

That means that you don’t have to be using ALL of ITIL, ALL of the time – the methodology can be adapted to suit the needs of organisations – the key thing is to put your organisational requirements first, and not follow bureaucracy for the sake of it.

Second, ITIL has been formed on IT Service Management best practice and will continue to evolve to reflect the needs of IT departments the world over.

Public vs Private Clouds:

Well run IT service Management systems have always had to apply different models to different systems – they will continue to evolve, The focus if IT teams will have to move away from operational aspects of infrastructure to managing the diverse environments that public, private and hybrid Cloud environments will bring.

Configuration Management Database:

Anyone who uses ITIL will know the importance of the CMDB – however doesn’t necessarily mean inflexibility. A well implemented CMDB can make things more agile in fact.

No doubt, the way organisations use the configuration management database will need to be tweaked for Cloud – however the message is the same – use ITIL as part of a sensible and flexible IT Service Management infrastructure and you will be able to account for any changes that new technology brings.