Software Engineering

Roger S. Pressman is an internationally recognized authority in software process
improvement and software engineering technologies. For over three decades, he has
worked as a software engineer, a manager, a professor, an author, and a consultant, focusing on software engineering issues.

Software Engineering Practitioner Approach is a book written by Pressman.

Download: Software Engineering Practitioner Approach [size 4.13 MB]

Download: Summary of the book for quick reference.

1_The Product

2_The Process

3_Project Management Concepts

4_Software Process and Project Metrics

5_Software Project Planning

6_Risk Analysis and Management

7_Project Scheduling and Tracking

8_Software Quality Assurance

9_Software Configuration Management

10_System Engineering

11_Analysis Concepts and Principles

13_Design Concepts and Principles

14_Architectural Design

15_User Interface Design

16_Component-Level Design

17_Software Testing Techniques

18_Software Testing Strategies

19_Technical Metrics for Software

21_Object-Oriented Analysis

22_Object-Oriented Design

24_Technical Metrics for Object-Oriented Systems

26_Cleanroom Software Engineering

27_Component-Based Software Engineering

28_Client-Server Software Engineering

29_Web Engineering


31_Computer-Aided Software Engineering

32_The Road Ahead