Benefits of Enterprise Architecture


Complexity management: Facilitate the scoping and coordination of programs and information systems projects. Manage complexity and describe the interdependencies in a usable manner.

Technical resource oversight: Identify and remove redundancy.

Knowledge management: Manage and share knowledge modularly so it can be visualized across different levels.

IT visibility:  IT resources and systems are more aligned to business strategies and are better placed for responsiveness.


Reduction in impact of staff turnover : Capture knowledge from employees and consultants.Provide business solutions from third party organizations consistently so they can conform to the current models.

Faster adaptability: Facilitate knowledge acquisition necessary for changing systems and adopting new components.

Operating procedures improvement: Understand and model business processes. Review and re-engineer processes.

Decision making: Represent an enterprise’s layers and components modularly to let the organization make business decisions in the context of a whole instead of a stand-alone part.